Squidoo Goals for 2012

With my income at over $300 every month now on Squidoo, I’v decided it’s time to step things up a bit. That means instead of just occasionally tweaking and updating my lenses, I will be actively creating new ones. I haven’t done a lot of new lenses in the past year simply because I had a lot of other work. The lenses I did build were mostly for clients, rather than my own use.

So, 2012 is all about MY lenses! 52 of them to be exact. The idea is to work on a lens every week. I’ll publish it, then spend the remainder of the week publicizing it using Pingler, social media and article marketing. These have worked very well in the past, but again, I’ve neglected this recently due to other work coming in.

Will I be able to do a lens a week? I highly doubt it, especially since I will be having a baby in March and recently got a promotion in my regular writing job. BUT, the idea is to get 52 done in a year, even if I end up doing five in two days sometimes. With what I know now about making successful lenses, I suspect I will be able to turn that $300 into at least $500, if not more, on a monthly basis and hopefully I’ll match that at Amazon.

What are your Squidoo goals for 2012?

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