Can You Really Make Money On Squidoo?

I get this question a lot. Most people discount the platform because they just don’t see the value in it. While Squidoo is awesome for backlinks, I use it mostly for earning at this point and I can honestly say that you CAN earn money on Squidoo. My last payday (yesterday) was for just over [...]

Making Money on Squidoo with Your Own Amazon Links

I make roughly $100 a month on Amazon. How? By placing my own links on my Squidoo lenses. Sure, the Amazon and Amazon Spotlight lenses are great and super easy to use, but they are also ensuring that you only get 4% of the commission on the items you sell off your lenses. You start [...]

Quick Tip for Date Specific Squidoo Lenses

I just turned out a quick lens on 2011 calendars in a specific niche and realized that many people might make the same mistake I did in the beginning. When you’re working on a year specific lens, such as “2011 horse calendars” or something similar, make sure you DO NOT use the year in your [...]

Squidoo Payment FAQ

Need to know more about Squidoo payments? Even experienced lensmasters are still figuring some things out! The very basics that you need to know are that there are basically 3 tiers that count. Tier One: 1-2,000 lensrank Tier Two: 2,001-10,000 lensrank Tier Three: 10,001-85,000 lensrank I’m not the person to really explain this, so I [...]

Do Food Squidoo Lenses Make Any Money?

When I’m not playing on Squidoo or writing on this blog, I have a food blog that I run. So, it might come as a surprise that I don’t really do a lot of recipe lenses. Part of the reason for this is that I tend to avoid writing the same thing twice and I [...]